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43 Cozy Fall Self Care Ideas

Ah… Fall! It’s my favourite time of year, and I have a feeling it could be yours too. If you’re ready for all things warm and cosy, you’re not alone. If you’re ready to embrace the new season and show yourself some love, here are some of my favourite Fall self care ideas. 

Why you need self care in Fall

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This time of the year as the seasons change can be both exciting and challenging. The weather changes, it’s colder, it’s darker, and we don’t always feel like going outside so much. At the same time, the glorious colour changes and Fall scents make us feel cosy and comfortable in this new season. 

Fall (or Autumn) is a wonderful time of the year to embrace self care as it’s a time of change, like: 

  • Cooler weather, shorter days, and fewer daylight hours
  • New beginnings at school, college, and work
  • Busy holiday season ahead 

At this changing time of year, taking care of our physical health, mental health, and wellness doesn’t always come naturally. It often feels like there’s something else to do with our time. I’d encourage you though to find a few things on this list to try, enjoy, and make part of your regular self care routines. 

How to decide which Fall self care ideas to try out

I’m sharing all my favorite Fall or Autumn self care ideas below, but how do you decide which ones to try out first? If you’re not sure what to do, here are some questions to ask yourself to figure out what your ideal Fall looks like when it comes to self care:

  • What’s my overall self care goal?
  • What would my dream Fall day look like?
  • Do I want to get active or do something relaxing?
  • Can I invest my budget in self care activities, or do I need something budget-friendly?
  • Do I want solo activities or ones I can try with a friend or family member?
  • What motivates or inspires me at the moment?
  • Do I want to travel or stay at home?
  • Would I prefer a challenge or something I’ve done before?
  • Which of these ideas “spark joy” for me?

Consider these questions for a while and see if anything in particular stands out to you. You might decide you want to pursue active self care activities, or that you want something more relaxed. You might vote in favor of a trying a new hobby or recipe, or maybe you want to stay in and re-watch your favorite Fall-inspired movie another five times before Winter rolls around.

43 of the best cozy Fall self care ideas

Ready to make it feel like all things Fall in here? These are some of my all-time favorite self care ideas for the cozy season, with something for everyone — whether you’re excited to enjoy the fresh air or want to spend the afternoon soaking in the tub.

1. Go for a Fall inspired walk

Grab a warm drink, put on your jacket, and head outside into the great outdoors. Surround yourself with nature and go for a walk to look at all the beautiful Fall foliage. Take in the fresh air, kick leaves around, and feel connected to the space around you.

2. Refresh your morning routine

A change in seasons might prompt a change in your daily routine too. Create (or adapt) your morning routine to focus on wellness, mindfulness, and preparing yourself for the day. Change up your skincare and habits to match the needs of the season.

3. Decorate your space for Fall

Bring all that amazing Fall decor home with you and redecorate your room or space for the season. Use faux Fall foliage and leaves to create a cozy feel, add soft blankets or a cozy throw, and light a Fall-scented candle to remind you of your favorite smells.

4. Watch Halloween movies

Get cozy with a blanket and watch a scary movie, or snuggle up with a funny Halloween movie instead. Not sure what to watch? Check out this list of the best Halloween movies to find something spooky to watch.

5. Enjoy a seasonal hot drink

It’s pumpkin spice latte season, which means it’s time to treat yourself to your favorite hot beverage. Whether you’re a PSL fan, love a warm apple cider, or prefer a hot chocolate or coffee with a hazelnut or caramel syrup, there’s a drink out there for you.

6. Plan a cozy day at home

Grab a cozy blanket and make some plans to just stay at home for the day. Enjoy a slow morning, make your favorite food, listen to a podcast, read a book, and do whatever you love the most. It’s a self care day, Fall-style.

7. Cook a seasonal meal

Embrace the Fall season in every part of your life, including your dinner plans. It’s the perfect time of year to add seasonal veggies to your recipes, or cook up a delicious soup or stew to enjoy. Check out these Fall dinner recipes for plenty of ideas.

8. Try a digital detox

If you spend a lot of time scrolling through social media, it might time to plan a digital detox. Embrace this digital self care habit and take some intentional time away from your phone or devices. Head outside, enjoy a pamper day, or do anything you like — as long as it doesn’t involve a screen.

9. Bake seasonal cookies

I love a good cookie, and if you do too then now is the perfect time to work on your baking skills. Stock up on ingredients and themed cookie cutters, and get to work baking some delicious seasonal cookies. There’s plenty of ideas in this list of Fall cookies to get you started.

10. Visit a pumpkin patch

Pumpkins are such a multi-purpose favorite. Not only are they tasty as part of a seasonal recipe or bake, but they’re also wonderful as Fall inspired home decor. Oh, and carving them for Halloween is always a great time too. Kick off the season by visiting a pumpkin patch to pick your own.

11. Declutter your home

Set aside some time to do something practical this season and declutter your home. Having a clear and tidy space is so beneficial to my wellbeing, and if it is to yours too then this is a great self care idea for you to try. You could even declutter your digital life, too.

12. Write in your journal

Sit down, get comfortable, and check “write in my journal” off your to-do list. Whether you’re in a regular journaling habit or not, now is a good time to make time for this self care practice. If you’re not sure where to start, I have plenty of journal prompts for any moment or purpose to help get you inspired.

13. Draw or paint a Fall inspired scene

Gather your favorite art supplies and sit down to work on a seasonal inspired scene. Whether you love painting, drawing, doodling, or another type of art practice, this is a great way to take some time out to yourself and do something you love.

14. Try meditation

Meditation can be a powerful way to reflect on your day, restore calm, and embrace a more mindful approach to living. Make space in your schedule for some meditation and see if it works for you. Totally new to meditation? Check out this beginner’s guide on how to meditate for a really great introduction to the practice.

15. Volunteer for a cause

We’re approaching the season of giving, so why not be inspired by this as you consider your Fall self care ideas. Donate some of your time, talent, or money towards a good cause and share some of that spirit of giving with others.


16. Express gratitude

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you’re thankful for. Send those good vibes out into the world by expressing gratitude for the good things in life. A simple way to do this is with a gratitude list, or you could start a gratitude journaling habit.

17. Go apple picking

It’s sweater weather, so put on your favorite Fall inspired outfit and go apple picking. Being among the orchards filled with apple trees is always a fun seasonal experience, whether you go solo or with loved ones. Pick some apples, then bring them home and bake or cook them into something delicious.

18. Enjoy a self care bath

Run the bath, put on a relaxing playlist, put a face mask on, and enjoy a long soak in the bathtub. This isn’t a regular bath, it’s a self care bath — one designed to make you feel incredible. I wrote a whole post filled with self care bath ideas recently, with plenty of inspiration and tips on how to create your own ultimate bath experience at home.

19. Create a cozy evening routine

That time between finishing your day of duties and getting into bed is precious. Dedicate a little of it to a calming self care evening routine, with a few simple acts of self care to help you end the day on the right note before you sleep. Whether it’s a routine filled with essential oils and skincare, or one where you journal then read, make it feel cozy and warm — like Fall!

20. Watch the sunset

With the shorter days comes a bigger opportunity for you to catch the sunset. If staying up late in the Summer months feels almost impossible, you’re in luck. Get out into the Fall air and watch the sunset, then check this off your Fall bucket list as done.

21. Adapt your fitness routine

Seasonal changes can often spark a change for our routines, including fitness or exercise. Adapt to the cooler weather and look for activities or exercises that bring you the mental and physical health benefits of moving your body, in a way that feels comfortable for this new season.

22. Go on a solo date

It’s time to embrace spending time by yourself. Fall is the perfect time of year to take yourself out on a solo date. Book a table at your favorite restaurant, visit a gallery or museum exhibition, or treat yourself to a class learning about something that’s always inspired you.

23. Set monthly or seasonal goals

Set some goals for the month or the season to motivate and inspire you towards the direction you dream of. Aim for something big like a career change, or something smaller like adding a new self care habit to your weekly routine. Get some ideas on how to set and achieve your goals in my recent post all about the new month, new goals approach.

24. Cook a meal for someone

It’s the season of being thankful and giving, so sprinkle some joy into someone else’s day by cooking for them. Plan a big feast as a group and share a potluck dinner together, cook for a loved one, or donate your time to cook at the soup kitchen.

25. Practice your boundaries

Develop a new habit of saying “no” instead of “yes” any time someone pushes your boundaries. Setting and maintaining your boundaries is a healthy habit to learn, but it’s not easy. Make it one of your goals for the season to practice boundaries and live life by your rules.

26. Do a random act of kindness

It’s so sweet when you see someone pay for someone else’s groceries, or give a thoughtful gift to someone in need. Embrace this spirit and think of a random act of kindness that you can do to bring some happiness to someone else. These don’t have to cost you money either — there are lots of affordable random acts of kindness ideas.

27. Join a book club

Reading has to be one of the best hobbies in general, but it’s especially enjoyable in Fall. Pick up a good book, get cozy on the couch, and sip something tasty while you dive into the words on the page. If you love reading and want to share it with others, try joining a book club. Not sure where to start? Here’s how to find or create an online book club.

28. Shop your closet

With the new season often comes colder weather, so it’s time to swap out your Summer wardrobe for something that fits the season better. This doesn’t mean buying an entire new wardrobe though — let’s shop your closet instead. Look through what you have and have fun putting together new outfits, then head to the shops for new accessories or items only if you need them.

29. Be kind to yourself

It’s sweet and simple, but sometimes the best act of self care is simply to be kinder to yourself. You’ve achieved SO much that it’s not always easy to see it, especially if you’re going through a tough time. Reflect on these 100+ things to love about yourself and find a way to celebrate who you are.

30. Go on a coffee date

Spending time with loved ones and friends can bring so much comfort, especially when you need it the most. Be inspired by all things warm and cosy and plan a coffee date with someone you care about. Head to your favourite coffee shop and order a seasonal drink, or try somewhere new instead. 

31. Create a Fall mood board

Fall can be a wonderful reminder to seek out some new inspiration, and if it’s that for you then a seasonal mood board is a great place to start. Collect ideas for your wardrobe, home, lifestyle, study, business, and more.

Open up Pinterest and start pinning your favourite ideas, or create a blank page on Canva and use their photos and graphics to create your own mood board to download, use as a desktop background, or print out. 

32. Make a Fall bucket list

A bucket list is a great tool to help you set goals and monitor your progress. Create a seasonal one filled with Fall activities like apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch, and going for coffee with a friend. Check off each item as you work your way through the list, then see how you’ve done at the end of the season. 

33. Take photos of the changing season

Fall brings such amazing colours and scenes to life. Capture them by snapping a few photos on your phone whenever you come across something beautiful. Let those Fall leaves, frosty mornings, and adorable dogs in coats live on in your phone memory forever. 

34. Take a personal day

You might be familiar with taking a personal day for mental health reasons, but they also work wonders as a Fall or Autumn self care day. Take a day off from your usual schedule to just “be” and try and enjoy as many of your favorite things as possible. Watch TV, bake, call a friend, snuggle up under a blanket — the choice is all yours. 

35. Watch your favorite movie

Fall can make me feel nostalgic for things I’ve always enjoyed, and one of those is those movies you never get tired of rewatching. Choose one of your favourites, grab some snacks, and get cosy while you remember all over again why you love that film. 

36. Try a seasonal craft

Craft isn’t only for kids or those that are great at coming up with creative ideas. Anyone can have a go at craft, and seasonal crafts are a good route into the hobby. Explore some of these Fall craft ideas for inspiration on what to make next. 

37. Get cozy for movie night

Is there any better way to watch a movie than snuggled into the sofa, under a blanket, with a bucket of your favourite popcorn or sweets? Gather your cosy things, put on your pyjamas, and head to the sofa to find a new film to watch, or host a Halloween movie night for some friends or family. 

38. Add seasonal flowers to your home

Flowers aren’t only for Spring or Summer, they work beautifully as you celebrate the arrival of Fall too. Take a look at this list of Fall flowers and choose a few that you love the look of or would fit with your home decor — sunflowers are my favourite! For a longer lasting option, seek out artificial flowers instead. 

39. Have a cozy Fall staycation

Something on my personal to-do list is to plan a Fall staycation. It’s my favourite season of the year and presents lots of opportunities to explore the town or city you live in or one close by. There are always farmers markets, pumpkin patches, scare mazes, and other local attractions popping up at this time of year, so see what’s out there where you live. 

40. Change up your bedding

There’s nothing better than fresh sheets, except fresh sheets that happen to feature your favourite seasonal goodies. I’m so looking forward to switching out our Summer bedding for something more cosy and Fall inspired, and I think this is a wonderful way to make your space (and therefore your mind) feel calm and cosy as you move into the colder months. 

41. Do a DIY project

You might be wondering how DIY is self care, but listen… I think it is! Most of us have a project that we’ve been wanting to work on but lack the time, energy, or resources for. Make a plan to save up, free up some time, and give yourself the space to make progress on your DIY or creative project and enjoy the process. 

42. Fill your home with Fall scents

I love those deep, rich, warm scents associated with Fall — do you? Make your home smell incredible with the help of Fall scented candles or essential oils in fragrances like pumpkin, cinnamon, bergamot, amber, spiced apple, and pomegranate. 

43. Plan ahead for the holiday season

The holiday season is coming up fast, and it’s often one that demands the most from us in terms of time, energy, and money. Start thinking now about what you’d like your holiday season to look like, so you can start setting boundaries and making exciting plans. If you’re ready to get started, my guide on holiday self care has lots of practical tips and ideas.

Make self care a year-round commitment

Try out some of these Fall self care ideas, or consider using these self care tips to build a seasonal self care routine that you can enjoy right through the season.

Make sure you don’t make this a one-time deal, though. Invest in your self care the whole year round. Explore my list of 100+ self care ideas to find even more ideas on how you can prioritize your self worth, self love, and self care every single day.

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