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14 Self Care Bath Ideas to Help You Relax

A bath feels like a cliché self care idea, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. Taking a bath gives you a moment of peace, a break from what’s happening around you, and some time to rest and relax. 

If you want to take this self care moment even further, try these super-relaxing self care bath ideas. Think of it as a bath, but more intentional. A self care bath is a wonderful idea if you’re feeling stressed, if life gets busy, or if you want a fun idea to include in your next self care Sunday. Design it with your needs in mind, create a relaxing space, and enjoy some relaxation with purpose. 

Here are some of my favorite ideas to help you take this self care activity to the next level. 

How to create your own self care bath in 14 steps

If enjoying a long soak in the bath is one of your best self care habits, try making it feel even more relaxing and indulgent. Explore these self care bath ideas that can take your next bath from a quick soak to a restful, relaxing bath experience. 

1. Declutter your bathroom first

Before you start running the tap, make sure your bathroom feels clean and tidy. Go around and remove anything that feels out of place, dust the space if you need to, and give it a quick clean if you feel like it needs it. Consider removing your phone from the room too, if you’re likely to be tempted to doom-scroll through social media.

2. Clear your mind

Take a moment to clear your mind and your thoughts before your bath time. Write out a brain dump and get all your feelings out on paper. Write a to-do list for the next day, or check that you’ve tackled your “must do” items for today. Remove potential distractions and worries, so you can focus on relaxing.

3. Grab a soft bath towel

A good bath towel is a must-have when it comes to self care bath ideas. Make sure your favorite bath towel is fresh out of the laundry, and heat it gently before if you can on a heated towel rail. Place it within reach, and look forward to the fact you won’t be battling something scratchy when your bath is over. 

4. Add a bath tray

If you love to read or want to sip on something while you soak, a good bath try is a great investment. Get yours out ready if you have one, or make plans to buy a tray or caddy for the future if you don’t. In the meantime, grab a stool or something you can place by the bath to hold your essentials.

5. Use your favorite bath products

Bath scrub, candle, and towels - all useful self care bath ideas and products

There’s no right and wrong when it comes to finding the right bubble bath, body scrub, bath salts, or bath oils. Stick with whatever works for you — whether that’s a soak in epsom salts, a lathery body wash, or a DIY bath bomb. Lavender scented products are great for relaxing, but you could also choose something tropical and refreshing, or deep and woody. Think about what you need most in this moment, whether that’s something to deal with dead skin or dry skin, or a soak for sore muscles.

6. Get the temperature just right

There’s something magical about stepping into a bath where the warm water is just the right temperature. Clever scientists recommend a bath around the 94 degree mark, so that it feels close to your natural body temperature, but run your bath water until it feels perfect for you. 

7. Add relaxing scents

Whether you opt for scented bath products or not, another great way to fill the space with atmosphere is through aromatherapy or lighting a scented candle. Set up an essential oil diffuser filled with your favorite scent, or light a seasonal candle to create cozy vibes. 

8. Use plants to create an oasis

If your home is filled with house plants, now is a great time to bring them into your bathroom. This is a fun way to make your space feel like a mini oasis, plus it acts as a reminder to water your plants after. As a more minimalist alternative, hang eucalyptus and let the scent fill the room as you soak — or sprinkle some petals into your bath. 

9. Turn the lights down

Make this a relaxing experience by turning the lights down. You don’t want to have a bath in the dark, but adding candles (real or LED) can help create a cozy glow. It’s a great way to get a shortcut to that spa-like feel. 

10. Play a calming playlist

Sometimes the peace of a silent room and only the bath water is the most relaxing thing. Other times, you’ll want calming music in the background. Relaxing jazz music is perfect for a self care bath, or you could try listening to a wellness podcast instead. 

11. Bring a drink or snack

If bringing a glass of wine to your regular bath feels too indulgent, this is the perfect moment for it. One of our best self care bath ideas is to bring a drink or snack with you. What this looks like is up to you. Coffee, wine, water, pretzels, fruit, or pizza — whatever makes you happy. 

12. Bring a book to read

A self care bath should be about creating a moment to relax and do something you love. If that thing is reading, this is an ideal opportunity to use your “me time” to get lost in a good book. Keep your book safe and snug with the help of a bath try, or listen to an audiobook hands-free on your phone instead. 

13. Add some skincare

Dive deeper into that spa-like atmosphere by adding some skincare favorites to your self care bath. Put on an exfoliating face mask, pamper your skin, and take time afterwards to moisturize any dry skin. This is a great way to extend that feel-good feeling after you step out of the warm bath. 

14. Change into something cozy afterwards

One of my favorite self care bath ideas is to have something really cozy to change into afterwards. Once you’re done drying with your soft towel, have your favorite loungewear or bathrobe ready to put on. 

Create your own dreamy self care bath routine

Make your next bath time feel like the ultimate in luxury and relaxation with these self care bath ideas. Turn your space into a calming oasis with plants and the right playlist, unwind with your favorite bath products, and step out feeling like you’ve had the chance to fully rest and recover. 

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