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25 of the Best Unusual Self Care Ideas To Add to Your List

Sometimes the most unusual self care ideas are the best ones. Why? Because they match who you are as an individual. They celebrate the things you personally love and enjoy.

While some people love traditional self care activities like taking a bubble bath, making a cup of tea, or enjoying a pedicure or face mask, others find these activities uninteresting. Both of these are completely fine — what you love is what you love. With the goal of self care being to nurture your own wants and needs, you need to find an activity to suit you.

If you’re looking for unusual self care ideas that go beyond what you’ve seen before, this is the list for you. Whether you love diffusing essential oils and just want some new ideas, or you want something completely unique, you’ll find fun self care tips and inspiration here.

25 unusual self care ideas to try

There are so many different ways to practice self care. Sometimes it looks like inviting a friend for coffee, and other times it looks like dancing around your room to your favorite songs. If you’re looking for some unusual self care activities to try, here are some of the best.

1. Organize your belongings

Many of us have things we love out on display or hidden away safe, but we don’t always take the time to organize them. Have a look through your collections, declutter what you don’t need, and find a good way to display and treasure your favorite things.

2. Get close to animals

If you have a pet, give them a big cuddle. If you don’t, look for other ways to get closer to nature. Sit outside and watch the birds and wildlife, or head to an animal sanctuary to get to know the animals there instead.

3. Write a love letter to yourself

Loving ourselves doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s a great end goal to have. Write a love letter to yourself that celebrates some of the things you enjoy the most, your best qualities, and what you’ve achieved so far. Not sure where to start? Try these self love journal prompts to get you thinking about what to write.

4. Daydream

It felt easy to daydream as a kid, but as adults it’s something we rarely do. Break that habit, get cozy, and close your eyes for a few moments. Let your mind wander and dream, and come back to reality with some fresh ideas or inspiration.

5. Create a Pinterest board

If you love to find inspiration and gather it all in one place, this is one of the best unusual self care ideas for you. Head to Pinterest and start creating your own boards. Start a new board for fashion, home decor, career, self care, or food ideas. Once you’ve created a board, you can add to it whenever you need new inspiration.

6. Customize your clothes

Explore your creative side by customizing some of your clothes or accessories. A great place to start is by ironing on patches to your jeans, tshirts, or bags. It doesn’t require much experience or technical skills, so it’s great for beginners.

7. Dance around your room

Dancing is great for your physical health and your mental health too. Put on your favorite tunes, find something comfy to wear, and just sing and dance along in your room. It can be for a few minutes or an hour — whatever works for you.

8. Create a new spreadsheet or file

If you want to organize your daily life, making a new spreadsheet, file, or Notion template can be a great self care idea. Think about what you want to organize, then find a template or create your own. I use templates to organize my finances and my blog schedule, but you can use them for anything you like. This is one of those unusual self care ideas that’s both fun and practical.

9. Revamp your space

A great way to refresh your space and get that feel-good buzz is to revamp your room. Maybe you move some furniture around, or swap out some decor pieces. If you have the budget and time, you could redo it completely with a new color scheme and new pieces that feel like home.

10. Cry it out

Crying it out can sometimes be a great form of self care. If you need to cry, let it all out. Take a moment to be in your feelings, then when you’re all done move onto another self care activity that helps you feel better.

11. Start a collection

Many of us have things that we love to collect or display. If you do, one of my favorite unusual self care ideas is to start or grow your collection. Whether it’s records, figurines, bags, or something else, investing in something you care about is always a win.

12. Try a digital detox

Scrolling through social media can be a great self care moment if you’re getting inspiration, but sometimes it’s great to take a break. Try a digital detox where you switch off your devices or ignore them for a few hours or the whole day, to see if it has an impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

13. Write a poem

Woman writing a poem, an unusual self care idea

For some of us, the last time we wrote a poem was back in school or college. Sit down, grab some paper, and write a poem. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated — just some words, feelings, and structure. You might even find a new hobby that you love.

14. Watch the sky

It’s one of the simple pleasures in life, but surprisingly calming. Next time you’re outside in the fresh air, take a look up at the sky. Watch the clouds go by, take in the weather, and look out for any passing birds or wildlife. This might not sound like one of the most unusual self care ideas, but it’s one we often forget about.

15. Write a to-do list

Writing a to-do list might not sound like a self care idea, but it definitely is one. Do a brain dump, get all your thoughts out, and then find a way to organize them into a list of things to do. You’ll have a solid list you can work from, so you can get things done and celebrate your achievements when you check them off.

16. Watch someone play video games

I love playing video games, but it’s not one of my strongest talents. That’s why I love to watch people play video game tutorials or livestream on Twitch. If you’re the same, this can be a fun self care idea to pass the time, become part of a community, and help you learn more about something you’re interested in.

17. Revamp a routine

One of my favorite self care activities is to revamp a routine. It could be your morning routine, skincare routine, self care routine, or your Sunday routine. This is a great way to reset, think about what’s working, and make these moments feel nourishing from when you wake up to when you go to bed.

18. Act like a tourist in your hometown

Pretend like you’re new in town all over again with this fun self care idea. Look around for cafe or restaurant recommendations, explore walks and areas you’ve never been, and be more conscious of what your surroundings are. Take in the views, say hello to passers-by, and enjoy some delicious food in the place you call home.

19. Make a self care vision board

Create a new place to store all your goals and positive affirmations by making your own self care vision board. This is a wonderful rainy day activity and you can do it with a corkboard and magazines or with a digital tool like Pinterest or Canva.

20. Doodle

Sometimes one of the best ways to chill out and give ourselves a moment of peace is to doodle. Grab the nearest notebook and pen and scribble away at the pages. I love to do this while listening to an audiobook or podcast, as you can often focus on what you’re listening to and have fun doodling at the same time.

21. Write a bucket or goal list

We’ve talked about writing a to-do list, but writing a bucket or goal list is another great way to get some self care into your day. This fits perfectly into a self care Sunday plan as you can really spend time dreaming up your ideal future, then setting goals to help you get there.

22. Write a letter to your future self

It can be really grounding and healing to write letters to ourselves. Try writing a letter to your future self as a fun, unusual self care idea. Write out what life is like now, balance positive and negative thoughts, and list out some of your hopes for the future. Put it away and reopen it in the future and see how your future self compares to today.

23. Make a playlist

If you love listening to music, making your own Spotify playlists is an excellent five minute self care idea. You can start a new list, add your favorite songs, and be listening to it in no time at all. Create playlists around certain moods, sounds, or genres then keep them private or share them with friends to enjoy too.

24. Try a different form of exercise

Sometimes it’s good to switch things up. Introduce a new form of self care by swapping your regular yoga class for swimming, or heading to an aerial hoop class instead of lifting weights. You don’t have to stick with it in the long run, but this unusual self care idea help introduce you to something new and exciting to enjoy.

25. Make a blanket fort

When was the last time you made a blanket fort? It was probably a long time ago. Revisit that childhood favorite and create a cozy blanket fort at home. Order takeout, put Netflix on, get comfortable and embrace that warm and cozy feeling.

What are your favorite unusual self care ideas?

The best self care ideas are the ones that match who you are and what you love. Use these unusual self care ideas to help plan your own self care weekend, self care habits, or self care menu. Which of these is your favorite idea? I’d love to know!

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