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42 Anger Journal Prompts to Help You Process Your Feelings

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Something’s got you feeling angry and you need a way to release that tension. We’ve all been there. While you could resort to ranting at a friend, there’s another thing that I think works really well — writing down all your thoughts in a journal.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my go-to anger journal prompts. Use these when you want to cool off and get those feelings out in words, so you can reflect on them in a more productive way later on.

How anger journal prompts can be helpful

Writing in your journal is always a better option than shouting at someone. Using anger journal prompts or writing in an anger journal can have tons of great benefits, like:

  • Introducing you to the concept of anger management and how to handle your angry feelings
  • Helping you explore why you feel this way
  • Helping you find the source of your anger
  • Allowing you space to explore your negative emotions in more detail
  • Giving you a safe place to work through your anger issues
  • Allowing you a healthy way to process your feelings
  • Giving you space to focus on your own mental health, self discovery, and self esteem
  • Helping you find a more productive way of letting go
  • Teaching you new coping skills for hard situations
  • Helping you recognize your feelings of anger and deal with them effectively
  • Giving you greater self awareness and time for self reflection
  • Helping you embrace self love in moments where you might need it the most

If you’re ready to take a different route to healing, understanding your feelings, and moving forward then I highly recommend using these anger journal prompts to help you write those feelings out. Journaling helps, and writing things down can be a powerful tool to help you overcome the cause of the emotion, or the way you handle it.

42 anger journal writing prompts to help you explore your feelings

Let’s get journaling! Use these anger journal prompts to help you figure out what’s wrong and the healthiest way to deal with it.

  1. Write an emotion-fuelled message to someone that’s hurt you
  2. What emotion would you like to feel instead of anger?
  3. What do you think has made you feel this way?
  4. Write a love letter to your hurt self
  5. What can you forgive yourself (or someone else) for that you’ve been holding on to?
  6. Make a list of all the things that can trigger an outburst of anger within you
  7. What makes you want to scream?
  8. How can you focus on yourself, not others?
  9. What would you love to be doing right now instead of this?
  10. How could you handle a similar situation differently next time?
  11. What positive can you take from this moment?
  12. What’s a healthy way for you to process this?
  13. How can you be kind to yourself in this moment? What can you love about yourself?
  14. What does anger mean to you?
  15. What do you have control over? What do you not have control over?
  16. Can you pinpoint a moment in your past that has made you feel angry?
  17. Write down a few lines about how you’d like your ideal self to deal with your anger
  18. What helps you feel calm?
  19. What should you avoid when you’re feeling angry?
  20. What feels like a safe space to you?
  21. Write down how long your negative thoughts usually stay with you
  22. What acts of self care could you try?
  23. When was the last time you felt angry? When did you last feel at peace?
  24. Write down five ways you can prioritize your mental wellbeing or physical health this month
  25. How does your body feel when you’re angry?
  26. If anger was a creature or person, what would it look like?
  27. Write a letter to your feelings of anger
  28. Which social media channels should you avoid? Which are you drawn to for comfort?
  29. Write down one thing you can let go of that’s been holding you back
  30. How have you previously handled your anger?
  31. How could a reset routine help you?
  32. Write down a place you can seek out calm and peace when you’re angry
  33. What’s one compliment you can tell yourself?
  34. How can you focus on the good instead?
  35. When in life have you felt the most anger? How did you handle it?
  36. When do you get frustrated with yourself?
  37. What other words could you use to describe how you feel right now?
  38. Write down the name of a song or movie that makes you feel calm
  39. What can make your anger worse? What makes it better?
  40. What things make you happy?
  41. How do you feel after your angry feelings have passed over?
  42. Does anger cause you pain?
  43. Which friends or family members are good role models for dealing with anger?
  44. Does deep breathing bring you a sense of calm?
  45. How can you let go of anger in this moment?
  46. Which affirmations can help when you feel a moment of anger?

Get everything out with these anger journal prompts

Anger journaling can’t help with every aspect of anger management, but it can give you a healthy place to explore your feelings and work through them. If you find yourself feeling angry and lost, give these journal prompts for anger a go — and follow up with some gratitude journal prompts for when you’re ready to embrace joy and gratitude.

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