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58 Healing Affirmations for Letting Go

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In life we’ll collect things along the way. These don’t always stay with us. Sometimes we need to let go of people, places, or things — which isn’t always easy. Smooth that transition and welcome in positive feelings with the help of affirmations for letting go.

Today I wanted to share some of my best positive affirmations for when you need to (or want to) let go of something. It’s time to say goodbye to those negative thoughts and bad situations, and hello to living in the present moment.

When to use affirmations for letting go

We all experience letting go in different ways. For some people it’s time to leave a city, job, or home behind. For others it’s time to say goodbye to someone that’s meant a lot to them, but has let them down or doesn’t help them fulfil their goals.

These affirmations can be good for moments like:

  • Letting go of the past
  • Letting go of a toxic work environment or job
  • Letting go of past mistakes
  • Letting go of all expectations
  • Letting go of the need to please others
  • Letting go of a city or place
  • Letting go of control
  • Letting go of grudges
  • Letting go of an item
  • Letting go of bad vibes
  • Letting go of past experiences
  • Letting go of fear
  • Letting go of negative thoughts
  • Letting go of past relationships
  • Letting go of someone you care for

Really, these positive affirmations are ideal for any moment when you’re struggling to close that door and need a little nudge to look towards the new chapter in your life. Use them when you need a positive statement to help you get through a tough time or remind you that you’re going in the right direction. Sprinkle some of these into your daily affirmations practice if you’re going through a big life change, or simply want a reminder what you’re on your way to great things.

58 powerful affirmations for letting go

Ready to move forward and on to something better? Here are some of the best affirmations for letting go — whether that’s of a person, place, or object.

  1. I am ready
  2. I am excited about my future
  3. I’m letting go of things that hold me back
  4. It’s time to leave this behind
  5. I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my happiness for this
  6. I’m excited to embrace self love and put myself first
  7. It’s enough for me to just breathe
  8. I’m going to attract positive energy from now on
  9. I’m ready to live with my biggest supporters by my side
  10. I only have space for positive thoughts
  11. I am strong for all the things I’ve been through
  12. I can appreciate the memories and still move forward
  13. I have the strength to let go
  14. I’m ready for the flow of life that’s coming my way
  15. I’m going to take a deep breath and dive in
  16. It’s time for me to focus on myself, not others
  17. I’m ready to release my stress
  18. I am open to meeting exciting new people
  19. I’m ready for my brighter future
  20. I’m here to put my self esteem and wellbeing first
  21. I’m ready to begin the healing process
  22. I’m going to focus on the good
  23. It’s time for me to make a positive change
  24. I won’t let the bad hold power over me any longer
  25. I say goodbye to the ghosts of my past
  26. I’m letting go of anything that doesn’t serve me
  27. I’m excited for the new chapter of my life
  28. I’m not worried about the timing of life
  29. It’s time for me to move on to new relationships
  30. I have endured enough, now I am ready for change
  31. I will make time for myself and my hobbies
  32. I’m so happy about the new beginnings coming my way
  33. I have the confidence in myself to achieve my dreams
  34. I’m unstoppable by myself
  35. I will stop reflecting on memories that don’t serve me
  36. I won’t worry about what’s outside my zone of control
  37. I will do what’s right for me
  38. I’m going to prioritize my mental health and wellbeing
  39. I’m going at my own pace from now on
  40. I am healing every day
  41. I’m excited about doing more things that make me happy
  42. I’m ready to let go of my fears
  43. I’m excited about tomorrow
  44. I’m saying goodbye to bad habits and welcoming in new ones
  45. I have a positive mindset
  46. I will focus on my own personal development
  47. I can reflect on positive memories
  48. I’m ready to tackle life’s new challenges
  49. I will live a life of self care and embrace my self worth
  50. I am ready for new spiritual growth
  51. I’m here to attract positive vibes only
  52. I empower myself to move forward onto new challenges
  53. I reject negative emotions
  54. I have a bright future ahead of me
  55. I can get through any difficult time
  56. I willingly let go of my past
  57. I give myself plenty of free space to explore and be curious
  58. I’m ready to let go of my past hurt

Embrace the future with these positive affirmations for letting go

It’s time to let go of the past that’s holding you back and embrace something new and exciting. Use these affirmations for letting go to help you do just that with some helpful, positive reminders that you can use every day. Use these alongside my positive journal prompts to help you sprinkle more positivity and joy into your everyday — or use them to kickstart a reset routine centered around new beginnings.

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