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How to Create a Simple Morning Cleaning Routine

Woman making the bed as part of a morning cleaning routine

Cleaning might be the last thing on your mind first thing in the morning, but having a morning cleaning routine can set you up for a good day. It’s a great opportunity to build a positive habit, clear up your space, and set the tone for a productive day ahead.

Taking some extra time in the mornings to reset our homes can make all the difference. You don’t have to be into homemaking or be a stay at home parent to give this a go — this clean home habit is great whether you work from home or out of the home, study, or care for others. It can also work as a great self care idea if having a tidy, cozy home is one of your goals.

Today I wanted to share with you my sweet and simple morning cleaning routine, and a few tips to help ease you into the habit. It’s ideal if you’re short on time, energy, or motivation and something you can build on over time.

7 steps for a simple morning cleaning routine

There’s not much to this daily cleaning routine. It’s designed to be easy and fast, so you can take care of it before you head out to work, the school run, or college. Here’s my 7 step morning cleaning routine.

1. Make your bed

While it’s not technically cleaning, making your bed is a great way to start the morning. It gets you into the mindset of having a clean and tidy home, and can motivate you to tackle the next task on your list. Plus, it’s always lovely to walk back into your bedroom later to see it looking tidy and cozy.

2. Tidy up your nightstand

After you’ve made your bed, do a quick tidy of your nightstand or dresser. Clear the surfaces of things that don’t belong and return them to their homes. Take any water glasses or bottles downstairs to be washed and refilled, and tidy up any books or electronics you keep there. Like with your bed, the goal here is to create a relaxing space for bedtime.

3. Unload the dishwasher

Starting the day with clean dishes is always great, which is why loading the dishwasher (or washing up by hand) is a key part of my nightly cleaning routine. It means that when you get up in the morning, you can unload the dishwasher or dish rack and have lovely sparkling dishes and cutlery ready for breakfast.

4. Tidy up dishes from breakfast

When you’re done with breakfast, take a few moments to clean up the dirty dishes. Dealing with your breakfast dishes now can help save time later on when you’re in that busy post-work or post-school rush. Clearing up straight away is also a great habit to get into — especially if it’s something you’ve traditionally struggled with, like me.

5. Tidy and wipe kitchen surfaces

With breakfast out the way, it’s time to clear away any crumbs, pop packaging in the recycling box, and wipe down the countertops. Having your kitchen counters be free from clutter and dirty dishes goes a long way towards that clean kitchen feel, and it’s something you can achieve in just a minute or two.

6. Put a load of laundry on

Like washing the dishes, laundry is one of those jobs that needs tackling every day. If your laundry basket is full, take this as a cue to put a load of laundry in the washer. If there’s none to be done, take the time to hang out, fold, or put away fresh laundry instead.

7. Add a quick tidying up session

If there’s time left in your morning routine, choose an area in your home and do a quick pick up and tidy session. This could be a table in your living room, a bookcase, or the place where you keep your bags and keys. If you spot an area that needs some extra love, make a note to tackle it with a mini declutter or Spring cleaning session later in the week — maybe as part of a Sunday reset routine or a self care weekend.

How to make your morning cleaning routine easier

This 7 step morning cleaning routine might sound simple to some, but for some of us it might feel almost impossible at times. If you’re looking for ways to make the experience easier, more rewarding, or more joyful, these are my best tips and hacks.

Introduce a nightly cleaning routine

Having a morning cleaning routine goes hand-in-hand with having a nightly cleaning routine, so introduce one if you can. Tackling a little of your house cleaning routine every day gives you a great chance to build a positive habit.

Once you’ve established a quick daily routine, branch out into a weekly cleaning schedule or monthly house cleaning routine to carry the habit forward. Don’t worry if you don’t get there though — your quick daily cleans, combined with a seasonal clean, will help you keep your place feeling great.

Listen to music or a podcast

One of my favorite cleaning hacks is to listen to a playlist or podcast while I tackle my to-do list. It makes those tasks I don’t love — like washing up — feel easier. With your favorite music in your ears, you often don’t notice what you’re doing and time passes faster. Stick to an album or artist you love, or listen to a personal growth or business podcast instead to get some inspiration while you work towards a clean house.

Set a timer

Another great way to take the pressure off your morning cleaning routine is to set a timer. Give yourself a set amount of time for your cleaning tasks every morning, so you know exactly when it’s time to stop. Start small with a five minute timer to tackle one step on the list, then extend the timer the next day. You don’t have to spend the entire day cleaning for your home to feel comfortable, remember!

Adapt this routine to suit your needs and schedule

I’m a huge fan of taking inspiration from routines and then adapting them to suit your needs and how you like to live your life. Someone else’s amazing cleaning checklist might work for them, but be too overwhelming for another person.

Think about what your goals are and practical considerations like your energy levels or mood. Focus your efforts on one room of your home (like the kitchen) when you’re low on energy, and think about the whole house when you have the time to dedicate to it. You can also adapt it for whenever your “morning” is — whether that’s after a night shift or later in the afternoon.

Help make mornings feel easier with this quick morning cleaning routine

Keeping your home clean can feel like such a hard goal at times, but with the help of this morning cleaning routine it can become easier. Try adding these small steps to your morning routine, one at a time, until you’ve built a cleaning routine that supports and enhances your lifestyle.

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